30-foot Narrow Transport (NT) Single Disc Drill

The 30-foot Narrow Transport (NT) Single Disc Drill from Amity Technology gives your farming operation all the benefits of the standard Single Disc Drill, with the advantage of a compact transport! This drill is the ideal choice for anyone with transport limitations demanding advanced technology and the highest level of precision.

Features of the 30NT-SDD include:

Sunflower-9830-9596Integrated Split Hopper

The integrated split hopper with a total capacity of 175 bushels allows you to carry single or dual product on board. The second hopper can also be used for:

  • Starter fertilizer to be placed with the seed
  • Carrying a second seed variety for seed changes on-the-go

The 175-bushel capacity increases the time needed between fills so the drill stays rolling longer. Product level sensors let you know when it’s time to fill, and the wide ladder and a railed platform make filling safe and easy. Steep slopes in the hopper design move product more effectively and make cleanout a snap.

Sunflower-9830-8622Section Control

Choose the 30NT-SDD for more accuracy at higher speeds! Section control saves valuable input costs, improving your bottom line. The drill will turn each of its three 10-foot sections on and off independently by sensing whether or not the drill has seeded there before, minimizing double seeding. Zone control provides unparalleled precision for each section independently. By controlling each of the three 10-foot sections independently, the 30NT-SDD can utilize high-resolution prescription maps. Each section will meter product based on its location in the field.

TransportNarrow Transport

Many farming operations face restrictive transport limits. The 30NT-SDD, with a working width of 30 feet (9.1 m), folds to a compact package of just 11.5 feet (3.5 m) wide by 12.8 feet (3.9 m) tall, lets you get down the road quickly and safely.


The 30NT-SDD has 48 seed rows on 6/9-inch (15/23 cm) row spacing in its 30-foot working width. Because it is more accurate at higher speeds, this 30-foot drill has more productivity than 40-foot drills of the competition!

Sunflower-9830-8816Row Metering

Amity’s Single Disc Drill has individual row metering that is unmatched in the industry. Seeds are spaced evenly for better emergence and production. Task controllers allow prescription seed and fertilizer application because each seed opener has its own dedicated meter flute. The system is a venturi meter design that eliminates the need for a pressurized hopper.