Active Depth Control (ADC)

Amity Technology Active Depth Control

As harvester width has increased, the need for leveling the harvester has become a key component in delivering a quality product. During the normal operation, harvester weight dynamics are constantly changing: tank full, tank empty, boom full, boom empty. Changing field conditions from dry to wet further magnify these dynamics. Amity Technology has always focused on making adjustments that are simple and effective. With the addition of Active Depth Control, Amity Technology delivers more than a best guess when it comes to digging depth.

Amity Technology Wand Sensor

The wands mounted on the front bar of the harvester send readings to the hydraulic system attached to the rear struts to keep digging depth constant throughout the field.

Active Depth Control continuously monitors the digging depth of the harvester. Like other systems, Active Depth Control from Amity Technology controls the hitch cylinders to change the digging depth, but only Active Depth Control from Amity Technology additionally controls the rear cylinders to match the digging depth across the machine. This on-the-go adjustment prevents hundreds of tons of extra dirt from being introduced to the harvester. If extra dirt doesn’t go in the harvester, the machine doesn’t have to separate it.

Amity Technology In-Cab Display 1Amity Technology In-Cab Display 2Amity Technology In-Cab Display 3

From the monitor in the tractor, the operator sets digging parameters on the circuit board. The sensors, or wands advise the circuit board of the digging depth. The circuit board then instructs the valve block to make adjustments to the hitch and axle cylinders.Amity Technology Defoliator Layout