Consider the history of seeding:

For decades, double disc box drills dominated the market. In the 1980’s air delivery with shank openers changed the market. Ten years later, it was single disc drills with air delivery. In 2008, Amity Technology introduced the Single Disc Drill. Now marketed for three seasons, farmers are finding significant advantages with the new Amity Single Disc Drill.

Single Disc Drills are uniquely simple, easy to operate and maintain.

The Single Disc Drill story

First invented and patented in Australia, the team at Amity (the same people who created and marketed the revolutionary Concord Air Till Drill) saw the potential of the Single Disc Drill. Amity bought it and brought the implement manufacturing to Fargo, North Dakota.

Amity tested an initial run of 25 Single Disc Drills in the northern plains in 2008 and saw needed design modifications to seed effectively into heavy clay soils. Today we continue to make necessary updates to seed in soils common throughout North America.

Single Disc Drill

No-till, minimum till or conventional till:

The Single Disc Drill works equally well in all three conditions. Down pressure adjustment on the openers from the tractor cab eliminates the need for opener adjustments. The primary disadvantage of no-till with other single disc designs-hair pinning and side wall compaction- simply do not occur with the Amity Single Disc Drill.

The Single Disc Drill has been customer-proven in a variety of soil, residue and moisture conditions in North America, Australia, Ukraine, and other locations, where growers report this is the drill of choice for consistent seeding.