Air Double Disc Drill

The Amity Air Double Disc Drill is is designed for conventional tillage farming operations.

This drill is excellent for small grains, canola and soybeans.

Air Double Disc Drill

The Amity Double Disc Drill has superior depth control with an individual row depth setting on each seeding unit. A simple and easily accessible adjustment makes depth changes in .25-inch increments. Down pressure can be set individually at each seed opener or across the whole drill by changing the down pressure cylinder stroke. This allows the operator to tune the drill for changing field conditions, such as tire compaction and variable soil conditions. No other drill offers this level of ease of depth control.

This air drill will consistently give great results in virtually all lower residue/conventional tillage environments. Some drills are very sensitive in depth setting and leveling, and operators must be very vigilant to avoid mistakes. The double disc drill, with its ease of adjustments, makes the operator’s job much easier and error free. Plus, and automatic work switch stops and starts the drill on headlands, freeing the operator for other tasks.

Take advantage of higher yield potential from narrower rows, as demonstrated in multiple research studies. The principle is simple. Give each seed more room to grow. Yield potential is sacrificed with competitive drills (especially with spring cereals) using narrow rows up to 14-inches apart. The Amity Double Disc Drill offers 6- or 6.75-inch row spacing.

If your farm utilizes conventional tillage you’ll want to consider the superior depth control, ability to see small seeds at shallow depths, yield potential and efficiency of the Amity Double Disc Drill.

Crops ideal for the Air Double Disc Drill

  • Small grains
  • Canola
  • Soybeans