Air Carts

Stainless steel lasts a lifetime

Amity Air Carts allow you to precisely, yet gently, deliver seed and fertilizer to all Amity Air Drills. An Amity Air Cart is the ideal complement to our Single Disc Drill and Amity Air Carts feed virtually any seeding tool or fertilizer applicator already on your farm. Choose from ground-driver meters or hydraulic-driven variable rate meters, variable NH3 controls, optional tire sizes and axle spacing.

Our new ISO compliant monitors offer state-of-the-art technology and are compatible with most other in-cab terminals and many mapping applications technologies. The bottom line is Amity provides advanced stainless steel air cars and meters for a lifetime of durable, attractive and low maintenance operation.

Maintenance-free meters

Amity re-engineered the metering system so it is virtually maintenance free. Our meter will gently handle all types of seed (including small seeds), yet accurately deliver and type of granular fertilizer without corrosion or excessive maintenance.