Amity Technology 2700 Sugar Beet Harvester

Amity Technology Model 2700 Harvester

The Model 2700 is the largest harvester from Amity Technology. Like the smaller models, it is available in both a rear scrub and a rear wheel configuration. Further, the rear scrub has the option of rear grabrolls (standard jump chain) or no grabrolls (extended jump chain). These options allow you to design your harvester to match your harvesting requirements.



Amity Technology is the industry leader in 12 row sugar beet harvesters. Designed with efficiency in mind, the Model 2700 Scrub Harvester covers more ground in less time. Plus, the Model 2700 features a 64-inch-wide scrub tower for effective cleaning, leaving more dirt in the field, keeping it out of the truck.





Amity Technology Model 2700 Harvester


The Amity Technology Model 2700 Wheel Harvester has arrived with the uncompromised design and engineering Amity Technology is known for. Growers requested machine balance, cleaning capability, and capacity. These requests were met with Active Depth Control and efficient cleaning from the front grabrolls, while the industry-lead 42-inch-wide wheel gives the Amity Technology Model 2700 Wheel Harvester the capacity required to efficiently harvest your crop.



12 row sugar beet harvesters from Amity Technology are available in three different configurations.

Amity Technology Standard Jump Chain


Standard jump chain with rear grabrolls for heavier clay soils

Amity Technology Extended Jump Chain


Extended jump chain without rear grabrolls for lighter soils. Extended jump chains offer gentler handling of sugar beets

Amity Technology Standard Jump Chain with Wheel Lifter


Standard jump chain with wheel lifter for lightest soils or for those who do not want chains

Amity Technology Standard Jump ChainThe Model 2700 Scrub Harvester is available with either a standard (shown) or extended jump chain. Amity Technology Steerable AxelHydraulic cylinders on the axle allows the machine to be leveled from side-to-side and steer the rear carrying tires as shown. Tire sizes include 710/70R38 with standard axle or 600/60R30.5 with steerable axle (shown). Amity Technology Grab Roll Hydraulic ArmThe Model 2700 has a hydraulic rear grabroll adjustment, allowing the operator to change the bed angle from the cab. Amity Technology Sugar Beet Harvester Holding TankA large 4.5-ton holding tank increases field efficiency.