Amity Shanks

Amity ShankShanks are optimally placed on the Air Till Drill for maximum residue clearance. There are no clog points where shank placement is compromised to fit the drill frame. Optional coulters are available to allow operation in extreme residue conditions such as corn or sunflower stalks.

Optional disc levelers on the shanks will eliminate stepping (rear ranks covering front ranks to make a stepped field finish). The result is a smooth field finish regardless of field speed, allowing more acres seeded with no compromise to field finish.

The Amity Air Till Drill is proven for superior equipment longevity. Operating costs on the Amity Till Drill consist of wear items: ground openers and air hoses.

An option for the Air Till Drill, cutting coulters give a tremendous advantage in heavy residue.  Each shank has a cutting coulter devoted to clearing and cutting.  With optional cutting coulters, seeding into standing corn stalks and heavy wheat residue is made easy.

For minimum-till and no-till applications, with superior fertilizer placement options, the Amity Air Till Drill will be an efficient, high yielding choice for your farm.

Single pass “direct seed” drill – Unmatched in small grains

  • 5 1/2-inch wide seed bands for maximum seed bed utilization
  • Available with optional nitrogen banding
  • Pneumatic packing tires
  • Optional disc levelers

Air Till Drill with an Air Cart