Amity Technology 12 row Defoliator

Amity Techology Defoliators

Amity Technology sugar beet defoliators lead the way with their simple, efficient design and innovations that are proven to clean the green from the sugar beet and add it to your bottom line.


Amity Technology Defoliator Gear Box Drive

Exclusive Gearbox Drive

The gearbox drive is the start of what makes Amity Technology defoliators the right choice for your operation. Series 2100 gearboxes are used on Model 3300 defoliators. Larger, stronger, Series 2125 gearboxes are used on Models 3500 and 3700 defoliators. Models 3500 and 3700 also utilize rolled spline couplers for effective and durable transmission of power to the flail tubes.


Amity Technology Row Finder Option


New Row Finder Option

Amity  Technology’s commitment to innovation is once again shown with the addition of the defoliator row finder. Mounted on the rear of the machine via frame mount (shown) or scalper bar mounted, the row finder keeps your defoliator from wandering down the row. Steerable rear struts are required.




Rear Strut options include:

  • Steerable or non-steerable (includes new adjustable poly clamps to eliminate u-bolts). Steerable required with defoliator row finder.
  • Cylinders for height adjustment
  • Oscillating options for 44-inch spacing
7.6 x 15 Strut 22 inch spacing
7.6 x 15
22-inch spacing
8 tires
11.24 x 24 Strut 22 inch spacing
11.2 x 24
22-inch spacing
4 tires
11.2 x 24 Strut 44 inch spacing
11.2 x 24
44-inch spacing
4 tires


Three drum Amity defoliators are available with a variety of flail configurations to match your operation.

Amity Technology Defoliator Stabilizer Wheel 

Rigid stabilizer wheels are made especially for narrow-stance rear strut assembly.

Flail Options

Cup Flail
L-Knife Flail
1 inch Tapered Flail
1″ Tapered Flail
Patented Studded Flail
Patented Studded Flail
Split Flails
Split Flails
2 inch Block Flails
2″ Block Flails