Introducing the NEW 3750 Defoliator


The Next Generation in Sugar Beet Defoliation!

The new 3750 defoliator from Amity Technology has been engineered to provide superior defoliation at speeds up to 30% faster than its predecessor. This design reduces the time and distance required between the defoliator and harvester, allowing the grower to take advantage of the natural insulation provided by the crop canopy and deliver a high-quality product at a reduced cost.

The heart of the 3750 defoliator is an Amity Technology-exclusive combination steel front drum that removes and finely sizes the foliage, spreading it evenly between the rows. A ten-pin second drum makes increased speed possible, and an adjustable six-pin third drum will match your defoliator to varying crop heights.


Standard features that make the 3750 a superior defoliation tool include:

  • Amity’s exclusive all gearbox drive – it has been fortified to provide efficient, low-maintenance transfer of the 180 PTO horsepower required
  • Gas shocks to securely hold shielding, providing for easy maintenance and adjustments
  • Brighter lights that stand higher and draw less power
  • Hydraulic front and rear doors

Optional features include:

  • Rear strut cylinders assist with ease of operation.
  • Row finder to keep the defoliator on the row.
  • Stabilizer wheels

Specifications of the 3750 Defoliator

Total Weight 14,400 lbs
Length 20′ 9″
Transport Width 23′ 11″
Required Horsepower 215 PTO
PTO Speed 1000 RPM
Drum Speed (#1) 1080 RPM
Drum Speed (#2) 414 RPM
Drum Speed (#3) 414 RPM
Drawbar Weight 5,800 lbs