ATV Models

Models 2012-12″, 2024-24″, 2036-36″

Amity Technology’s ATV models have automted collection of up to 20 samples. The ATV models have a smaller, lighter platform, so a specially designed, carbide-tipped auger allows sampling of all types of soil, including frozen ground. The extremely fast cycle time of 10-22 seconds lets you collect more samples in less time to cover your fields faster.

  • Mounts on most ATV models
  • Automated collection of up to 20 samples
  • Push-button controls with cord
  • Cycle time: 10-22 seconds (depending on model)
  • Sample depth of 0-36 inches
  • Sample all types of soil including frozen ground
  • Specially designed carbide-tipped auger to ease boring of soil and minimize ATV lift
  • 6.5 hp Honda hydraulic power pack
  • Optional short sample attachment (Model 2024)
  • Automatic depth control
  • Approximate weight: 185-200 lbs