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Easy Operation

Right away, you’ll notice details that make the Single Disc Drill easier to operate and maintain, including:

  • One rank seed openers
  • Single point down pressure control
  • On-the-go down pressure adjustment
  • No springs on seed openers
  • Low hp requirements
  • Superior seed placement, even at high speeds
  • Option to band NH3 in mid-row band
  • Easy depth control adjustments
  • Simple daily maintenance (two 25 hour grease zerks per transport tandem)
  • Annual greasing of bearings on all discs and packer hubs.


Depth control adjustment

Depth ControlFrame Height - Depth Control


Height of the drill frame sets the depth of the row units. As the drill rises, the discs seed shallower. As the drill frame lowers, the discs seed deeper. Packer tires hold the discs precisely at seeding depth.

Depth control collars, in the frame cylinders, hold frame exactly at desired height.

Precise down pressure

The down pressure is precisely maintained by a hydraulic cylinder on each tool bar. The pressure is constant throughout the entire range of cylinder travel. Pressure on the cylinders is controlled by the operator on–the-go. A pressure gauge, mounted for easy visibility, allows the operator to monitor down force on the toolbars.

Down PressureDown PressureDown Pressure