Model 5250: Amity Technology’s biggest cart yet!

The 5250 air cart has both the versatility and size to do more work in the field.  This stainless steel, three-compartment system has more capacity than most tanks on the market, and it can be configured for pull-between or pull-behind operation.  Applying fertilizer and seed have never been easier, all with the lifetime of stainless steel!

Features of the 5250 air cart include:

  • More capacity – Three tanks hold a total of 525 bushels
  • More compartments – Three separate compartments can be used to apply one, two or three different products at one time.
  • Dual airstream – Two five-inch airstreams can be used to deliver product from any combination of the tanks to different locations on the implement.
  • Tow-between or tow-behind capability – The cart can be used in front of or behind the seeding implement.
  • Variable rate – Meters are hydraulically driven so the operator has full on-the-go rate control over the seed rate.
  • Hydraulic driven meters work off a fan hydraulic circut (no additional hydraulics are required).

Options: Row blockage, NH3 control, Dual fan/dual airstream, Pass-through hydraulics