Advanced Air Cart Monitors

Model C-1000 virtual terminalc-1000

The model C-1000 virtual terminal is the perfect complement for the Air Cart ECU. The full color screen displays important information logically for the operator. Seeding rate, bin level status, acres, ground speed, fan speed, optional blockage and NH3 application are displayed on the home screen for minimum operator input. Calibration screens are simple to access and displayed for operator ease. Robust and reliable, the C-1000 can be depended upon for years of trouble free service.


(ISO 11783 compatible) – Variable rate capableecu

State-of-the-art electronic system to monitor and control all Air Cart functions.

The ISO compliant ECU (Electronic Control Unit) on the Air Cart monitors all critical information including fan speed, bin levels, meter status, ground speed, and acres. On variable rate units, it also allows the operator to monitor and change rates from the tractor and facilitates mapped application. This unit will work with all ISO-compliant virtual terminals and will operate with most ISO compatible systems. For guaranteed compatibility, the Amity C-1000 virtual terminal is recommended.

For both ground drive and variable rate systems.

Standard monitor features

  • ISOBUS design
  • Ground Speed
  • Fan Speed
  • Acre count
  • Bin level sensors
  • Meter status sensors
  • Meter shaft sensors
  • Product use information

Optional Features

  • Individual row blockage
  • Variable NH3 control