Nitro-Bars from Amity Technology maximize your fertilizer investment! With every drop, you will increase yields and efficiency. Used with the Air Tram Tramline system, Nitro-Bars enable growers to accurately and uniformly apply nitrogen with unparalleled accuracy.

Convert your sprayer into a nitrogen applicator with Nitro-Bars. By adapting your sprayer with the Nitro-Bars, you have the control of applying nitrogen at the optimum time for increased yields. When used with the Air Tram Tramline System, nitrogen can be applied with unparalleled accuracy. Color-coded orifice adapters allow quick change to adapt to all application rates.

Nitro-Bars allow you to use existing equipment to take advantage of split nitrogen application, giving you more value for your nitrogen investment.

Highly Accurate

The simple and effective design of Nitro-Bars allows each of the four ports to be fed independently, ensuring equal flow to each port. This flow maintains a high standard of application accuracy.

Easy and Quick to Assemble

Nitro-Bars allow for easy setup to industry-standard 20-inch nozzle spacing on sprayers. They can be fitted to your sprayer in minutes!

Unaffected by Boom Height or Movement

The vertical stream produced by Nitro-Bars means no overlapping pattern. Because you know fertilizer is going exactly where you want it to, application can take place throughout the growing season, even in windy conditions.

Reduced Risk of Leaf Burn

Fertilizer contact with the crop is minimized by the configuration of the Nitro-Bars and by the large droplets produced at the leaf surface. Fertilizer rolls off the foliage quickly, virtually eliminating the risk of leaf burn.

Adaptable for All Application Rates

Color-coded, quick-fit adapters enable flow rates to be easily adjusted to cover a full range of applications and get nitrogen to the roots of the plant where it’s needed! Five different adapters are available to encompass flow rates from 5 to 80 gallons per acre.

Nitro-bar Rate Chart