Sugar Beet Field

The World Leader in Sugar Beet Harvesting Equipment

Amity Technology is the industry leader in sugar beet harvesting equipment. As the preferred choice around the world, Amity Technology harvesters and defoliators command the largest market share both domestically and worldwide. Field proven to work well in a variety of conditions, Amity Technology means a more efficient harvest and increased profits. Because of its high quality and low maintenance requirements, farmers around the world know they are investing in equipment that lasts – the safe choice today for tomorrow.

Amity Technology engineers continually improve the design and efficiency of Amity Technology sugar beet equipment, resulting in equipment that holds is value. Plus, Amity Technology is unmatched in company and deal commitment to quality, parts availability, and service.

Simple Design – Amity Technology harvesters are designed with simple, effective adjustments to match harvester operation with harvest conditions.

Amity Technology Sugar Beet HarvesterSimple Design – Amity Technology harvesters are designed with simple, effective adjustments to match harvester operation with harvest conditions. Amity Technology GrabrollEffective Grabroll Adjustments – Multiple grabroll adjustments, including speed, bed up, bed down, smooth up, smooth, down and #4 reverse, let your harvester easily adapt to soil conditions. Easily set for aggressive cleaning in muddy conditions or non-aggressive for dry conditions. Available in poly, steel, and hardened.
Amity Technology Pinch PointUnrivaled Pinch Point Adjustment – Aids in pulling more tap root in dry conditions and less mud in wet conditions. Amity Technology In-Cab Control ScreenOptional In-Cab Adjustments – Active Depth Control, Dual motor scrub, Hydraulic paddle shaft, Adjustable rear struts, Optional steerable axles for tighter corners and turns, Hydraulic tilt grabrolls (Model 2700)
Amity Technology Apron ChainApron Chain – Amity Technology harvesters utilize an apron chain between the limiting wheels and grabrolls, which transfer the crop to the grabrolls while removing the majority of the dirt and reducing grabroll power requirements. Amity Technology Row FinderRow Finder – The Amity Technoloy row finder is a simple, effective tool to keep your harvester on the row. The row finder also has a backup feature that allows the operator to back up without lifting the machine or damaging the row finder.

Amity Technology Beet PaddleAmity Technology Beet PaddlePaddles – The standard paddle has proven effective in moving sugar beets from the lifting wheels into the harvester. They are required for protection when utilizing rock struts. Heavy clay-based soils add extra challenge to the process. While operating at a shallower digging depths, paddles may be required to reach farther into the lifting wheels to move the beets into the machine. For this reason the plastic paddle is available. (Not to be used with rock struts)