Tramline Details

What are tramlines?

Air Tram is the key to your Intensive Crop Management Program. This innovative system easily adapts to your air seeder to help you manage your crop. You will see increased yields from more accurate and timely applications of your chemicals and fertilizers.

With the Air Tram system, you lay out a network of tracks for your sprayer to follow. The Air Tram system is mounted on your air seeder and diverts seed to the next row to create tracks to match up with your sprayer. The unit is automatic and can be programmed. The tracks that are created are known as tramlines. Follow the tramlines while spraying to apply a precise application of chemicals and fertilizer.

Who can benefit?

  • Any cereal crop or oilseed producer who is committed to developing and improving their crop management program.
  • Any farmer who fights weeds and wishes to produce healthier crops.
  • Environmentally-minded farmers who want to preserve their soil and their local water supply.