Precision Shank Drill


The Amity Precision Shank Drill is the newest tool to join Amity’s line up of highly productive seeding equipment. It does so bearing some of the best features of the legendary concord® air drill, blended with today’s modern technology. The concord was the driving force behind the development of the air seeder industry from the 1970’s to the mid ‘90s. It’s features and innovations have been proven over millions of acres and remain as must have features in today’s air seeders. The Precision Shank Drill, developed by the same minds that created the concord, shares much of what made it the leader in air drills, but takes efficiency and productivity to new levels! Excellent ground following, precise depth control, higher ground speed, minimal maintenance, better packer cleaning and active hydraulic down pressure are all combined with the legendary concord features to allow the Precision Shank Drill to become a concord® Legacy Edition.


It all comes down to the row unit. The Precision Shank Drill (PSD) row unit blends multiple features to make the entire drill perform exceptional, even at higher speeds, creating tremendous value for every farming operation that utilizes it. The parallel link row unit allows for precise depth control, exceptional ground following, smoother field finish and better packer wheel cleaning via some key features. The active hydraulic down pressure helps to ensure a consistent field finish and ease of depth setting. Each row unit can also be independently fine tuned for depth by adjusting the closing wheel. The individual rippled coulters slice trash and fracture the ground ahead of the opener to keep residue flowing and minimize disturbance by allowing soil to move around the opener instead of being lifted or blown out by it, thus allowing easier, more consistent soil containment. The independent closing discs capture the soil displaced by the opener at all speeds, ensuring that it returns to the furrow to be properly packed. There is zero daily maintenance needed on the row unit, which contributes to an entirely simple to operate drill that lets you get the crop in the ground, quickly.

  • Higher Ground Speed
  • Smoother Field Finish
  • Excellent Ground Following
  • Precise Depth Control
  • Seedbed Utilization
  • Superior Residue Clearance
  • Fertilizer Efficiency
  • Versatility
  • More Uptime
  • Value

The speed of the Precision Shank Drill is achieved through effectively managing the soil through the row unit. Starting with the coulter to cut the residue and fracture the soil ahead of the opener. Then to capture all the soil displaced by the seed opener in the furrow, the PSD features similar disc closers to the concord air drill, to ensure that seed cover is uniform from row to row at any speed. Other hoe drills do not capture the soil displaced by the opener, resulting in slower planting speeds to maintain proper seed placement and coverage. Also, by not capturing the soil, those drills tend to leave a rough surface for growing and harvest.

Soil blow-out isn’t the only concern at 8 mph. The machine has to be built strong enough to endure the stresses that it is put under, as well as having the capabilities of staying in the ground. The PSD has been designed with this in mind. With the 51′ unit weighing in at almost 1,000 lbs./ft., it has the heft to both hold together at high speeds and maintain consistent depth.

A 50-foot (15-m) Precision Shank Drill working at 8 mph (13 kph) has the same acre per hour output as an 80-foot (24-m) competitive drill at 5 mph (8 kph).


By adjusting down pressure, in combination with the PSD’s disc leveler settings, you can also achieve the field finish that you desire. Adjusting the levelers to aggressively cover the seed row and lowering down pressure can leave the field very flat for crops such as soybeans, field peas, and lentils where furrows cause loss at harvest. Conversely, when a deeper furrow is desired, levelers can be set less aggressive, and down pressure can be increased. Regardless of the desired field finish, seeding depth is not compromised as the PSD disc leveler insures a consistent soil flow on top of the seed prior to packing.


For a crop to produce an optimal yield, even emergence is important. One of the biggest factors in even emergence is consistent depth control, to keep all of the seeds in a similar environment of heat and moisture. The down pressure on a row unit plays a major factor in maintaining that depth control as well as field finish. Down pressure on the PSD is consistently maintained by an individual hydraulic cylinder on each row unit. The pressure is constant throughout the entire range of cylinder travel, and is controlled by the operator on the go. A pressure display on the down pressure control box allows the operator to monitor down force on the row unit.


University and manufacturer studies have revealed that spring cereal crop yields improve as row spacing narrows. Many current drills place seed in 10- and 12-inch (25- and 30-cm) rows. Depending on your opener selection, the Amity Precision Shank Drill allows you to place two rows every 15 inches (38 cm) in rows that are 2 inches (5 cm) wide. This reduces the effective row spacing to 7.5 inches (19 cm). The wide range of opener adaptability can also give you the flexibility in choosing openers that allow from 7.5” to 15” spacing. Or, lift one of the ranks and utilize 30” (76 cm) shank spacing!

An optional wide seed splitter behind a conventional sweep puts down a 5 to 7-inch-wide (13 to 18 cm) ribbon of seed for up to 47% seedbed utilization.


The optional rippled coulter on the Amity Precision Shank Drill easily cuts through the toughest residue conditions. In combination with optional low disturbance openers, the coulter ensures that residue flows smoothly through the drill and doesn’t bunch piles of residue throughout the field. The coulter also pre-fractures the soil ahead of the opener which helps reduce soil blow-out from the opener to achieve faster planting speeds.


The keys to fertilizer efficiency in agriculture are having the right fertilizer source at the right rate at the right time and in the right place. The Amity Precision Shank Drill maximizes fertilizer efficiency by putting you in the driver’s seat. You control fertilizer management for your crops and your soil conditions.


Crops benefit from the fertilizer efficiency of the 4Rs that comes with the Precision Shank Drill.

  • Right Source – NH3, liquid, and dry fertilizer can all be applied by the Precision Shank Drill
  • Right Rate – With dual placement openers, the Precision Shank Drill can place the desired amount of fertilizer at the time of seeding
  • Right Time – With the Precision Shank Drill, you can place as much fertilizer as needed at the time of planting. Plus, the drill can be used to pre-apply fertilizer in the fall.
  • Right Place – Research shows that the best place for fertilizer is near and below the seed row. The dual placement opener can put the fertilizer between adjacent rows and deeper than the seed. This places the fertilizer right where the roots will need it in their development, while depriving weeds of the nutrition.

Right Place
The Precision Shank Drill can place fertilizer between adjacent rows and 1.5 inches (4 cm) below the seed so it is available at the right time and place during development, depending on the opener.

Optional Ribbon Seeding
Higher rates of fertilizer are possible without damaging the seed. Ribbon seeding gives seedlings room to grow for better performance.


The Precision Shank Drill has many different aspects of versatility. From the openers to the inputs, it can be set up in a variety of different ways to fit what you need to do. The PSD utilizes the edge-on opener style that was made famous by concord and adapted by many others, therefore allowing near endless options for ground engaging components. Which in turn allows a variety of different crop seeding and spacings! The standard 15” (38cm) spacing allows for a wide variety of options from single row or twin row openers, with or without simultaneous fertilizer application. For wide spaced crops, strip till fertilizer application, or other desires, either the front or back row of openers can be locked up. Thus creating 30” (76 cm) spacing. From pulse crops to soybeans, the PSD can put what you want in the ground, exactly how you want it.

Wheat seeded with the Amity PSD in Hebron, ND
Ribbon Seeded Wheat
Soybeans seeded with the PSD into heavy corn residue near Rutland, ND.

Spend less time working ON the drill and more time working WITH the drill. The Precision Shank Drill needs virtually no daily maintenance thanks to the use of greaseless bushings at almost every moving joint. Other than the transport wheels; packer wheel and slicing coulter bearings are all that is left to lube. Conveniently, they are interchangeable bearings and only require seasonal greasing. To add to more uptime, the depth and down pressure adjustments for the drill are quick, and the robust components help to withstand the rigors of today’s highly demanding seeding conditions.


Consistency and reliability to get the seed into the best possible situation to produce maximum yields are at the core of a drill’s performance. Higher operating speeds let you get more seeds precisely planted during the optimum soil conditions and timeframe. The Amity Precision Shank Drill lives up to the concord legacy by bringing value and versatility to your farming operation.

Additionally, the compact Amity Precision Shank Drill gives you:

  • Lower acre/hour output cost
  • Higher efficiency
  • Better resale potential
  • Less complication – easier folding mechanism
  • Productivity
Working width 51.5 ft. (15.7 m) 61.5 ft. (18.7 m)
Transport width 21 ft. (6.4 m) 21 ft. (6.4 m)
Transport height 15 ft. (4.6 m) 16 ft. 5 in. (5 m)
Weight 50,000 lbs. (22.7 t) 60,000 (27.3 t)
Shank Spacing 15 in. (38 cm) 15 in. (38 cm)
Trip Pressure Operator Controlled Operator Controlled
Row Spacing* Paired Row or Ribbon Paired Row or Ribbon
Main Frame Front Tires 440/55R-18 440/55R-18
Wing Tires 320/70 R-15 320/70 R-15
Rear Main Tires 900/60R-32 900/60R-32
Packer Tires 26/7.75-15 26/7.75-15
Recommended Tractor HP 500-600 HP (373-447 kW) 600+ HP (447+ kW)
Shank degree 85° 85°
# of Seed Openers 41 49
Packer Scuff Angle 0-5° 0-5°
Packing Pressure Operator Controlled Operator Controlled
Opener Lubrication Points Coulter Hub, Packer Hub Coulter Hub, Packer Hub
Coulter Diameter** 18 in. (46 cm) 18 in. (46 cm)