AirTram Tramlines

Airtram Tramlines

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AirTram Tramlines lay out a network of tracks in your field for reduced yield loss and more accurate application of chemicals and fertilizers.

By adapting your sprayer with Nitro-Bars from Amity Technology, you have the control of applying nitrogen at the optimum time for increased yields.

When used with the AirTram Tramline System, nitrogen can be applied with unparalleled accuracy. Quickly change nitrogen application rates using the color-coded orifice adapters.

Benefits of AirTram Tramlines
  • Less yield and seed population loss from driving over crops
  • Sprayer runs on compacted soil from tractor and drill, resulting in controlled traffic
  • Precision accuracy eliminates skips and overlaps
  • Ground is firmer with AirTram Tramlines, so application of nitrogen can happen during rainfall or immediately after
  • Wider window of opportunity for application
  • Less spread of disease and infection
  • Higher yields through even and accurate application
  • Environmentally friendly because there is less excess spraying
“Tramlines give us the option for early season top dressing and late season fungicide with minimal crop damage because we are not driving over our crops. We are seeing a 2-5% increase in yield because of our tramlines.”

-Tim Oborny, Bison, Kansas

“We save over a bushel an acres by not driving over our crop which pays for our tramlines in about 500 acres.”

-Fred Lukens, Aneta, North Dakota