Amity Sugar Beet Harvesters

One of the reasons Amity Technology harvesters have become the choice of owners around the world is their simple, effective design that allows incredible visibility inside the machine, whether looking at the lifter wheels or back through the grabrolls and beyond.

With storage and processing efficiency of the harvested sugar beets a focal point of all processors, delivery of clean beets is essential. The belted chain in the rear scrub of all Amity Technology harvesters can be adjusted to scrub the beets for additional cleaning and flexes to continually shed mud that is undesirable in the storage pile. For drier climates and sandy soils, a rear wheel lifts the sugar beets with fewer wear parts.

Shields with gas shocks provide easy access to working components allowing you to match your harvesting operations to your current conditions.



Grabrolls on Amity Technology harvesters are designed to remove any remaining dirt or trash from the sugar beets before being elevated to the tank. Grabrolls can be easily adjusted to be more or less aggressive, depending on field conditions.


Four different rear-carrying struts help round out the options to match your harvester to your operation.


Amity Technology Strut Options