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Crop Chaser 1000 & 2000 Series

Crop Chaser 1000 Series & 2000 Series

Crop Chaser

There are dump carts, and then there is the Amity Crop Chaser series. The 1000 Series single-tank and 2000 Series double-tank models add a whole new level of efficiency, whether you’re harvesting silage, grain, or specialty crops. The high capacity, light footprint, integrated scales and track undercarriage offer unmatched logistical benefits in any field condition.

1000 Series Crop Chaser

The award winning 1000 Series single tank model has a 2,150 cubic-foot struck capacity or 80,000-pound (36,287 kg) weight capacity. It features patented live wall chains to help with unloading. The cart uses four hydraulic remotes for the tank lift cylinders and front/rear chains for maximum control over the dump rate.

2000 Series Crop Chaser

The 2000 Series double-tank model has a 2,060 cubic-foot struck capacity or 66,000-pound (29,937 kg) weight capacity. This design splits the load for natural control and stability when one tank is dumped at a time. Four hydraulic remotes are used to control the tank lift cylinders.

Multi Crop Uses

Crop Chaser dump carts are a highly versatile option to improve the logistics of many harvest operations.

  • Silage/Forage Crops
  • Grain
  • Sugar beets
  • Specialty Crops (beets, sweet corn, edible beans & much more)
IMPROVED LOGISTICS / Increased Road Safety

Crop Chaser carts add reliability and consistency to harvest operations. By keeping trucks out of the field, crews can run more consistently with fewer weather delays. Furthermore, one cart load equals one truck load in most cases, helping to improve the flow of trucks running to the storage site.

Additionally, when trucks are used in the field, they often track mud onto public roads, creating safety and liability issues. Tractors pulling traditional carts cause the same problems when they’re used to transport the product back to the farm. Crop Chaser carts keep trucks at the headlands of the field, helping to prevent them from dragging large amounts of mud onto the road.

Light Footprint

The standard 36-by-136-inch tracks on the Crop Chaser dump carts reduce compaction by providing a much lighter footprint than trucks or carts with wheels. Thanks to the track undercarriage, Crop Chaser carts can operate in wet conditions when other carts or trucks simply cannot.

crop chaser Features

36″ x 136″ Tracks

Crop Chaser dump carts feature industry-leading Camso tracks, which are rated for speeds up to 20 miles per hour (32 kph). The 36-by-136-inch tracks minimize compaction and are much better suited for use in wet conditions than competitive carts with tires. When fully loaded, the 1000 Series only exerts 16.0 psi, while the 2000 Series exerts 14.5 psi.*
*Assuming a load of 80,000 pounds on the 1000 Series cart and 66,000 pounds on the 2000 Series with 8% load on the hitch.


On-Board Scale

Integrated scales improve logistics by eliminating the need for trucks to run over a scale before dumping. Three sensors (one on each track and one on the hitch) provide a highly accurate weight measurement of each load.


Ground accessible Greasing Locations

Grease zeros are all reachable from the ground, making routine maintenance quick and easy with no hard-to-reach locations.


Load Holding Valves

Special load holding valves provide added safety by preventing the load from moving in case of an unforeseen hydraulic issue.


Left- or right-hand dump

Customers can order either model with a left- or right-hand dump. The modular design of these carts also allows the dump side to be flipped later in the shop.


Work Lights/cameras

Work lights provide excellent visibility in times of low natural light. Optional camera systems can also be installed for monitoring the loading and unloading processes from the cab.

Crop Chaser Model
1000 Series
2000 Series
Number of Tanks12
Capacity (Struck)2,150 cu ft
(60.9 cu m)
2,060 cu ft
(58.3 cu m)
Capacity (Weight)80,000 lbs
(36,287 kg)
66,000 lbs
(29,937 kg)
Total Length33′ 6″
(10.2 m)
(12.8 m)
Total Tank Length22′ 10″
(7 m)
32′ 9″ *
(10 m)
Total Width14′ 6″
(14.4 m)
(3.7 m)
Height (High Side)12′ 6″
(3.8 m)
14′ 6″
(4.4 m)
Height (Low Side)11′
(3.4 m)
10′ 11″
(3.3 m)
Max. Dump Lip Height13′ 4″
(1.2 m)
14′ 6″
(4.4 m)
Max. Dump Lip Clearance4′
(1.2 m)
4′ 1″
(1.2 m)
Fill Lip Overhang0″
(0 m)
(0 m)
Max. Pivot Height14′ 4″
(4.4 m)
16′ 5″
(5.0 m)
Max. Speed20 mph
(32 kph)
20 mph
(32 kph)
Hydraulic Remotes Required44

*Both tanks end to end measurement