Sugar Beet Cart

Capable of unloading 6 to 30 tons per minute, the Amity sugar beet cart quickly turns your trucks and gets them back on the road, no matter the field conditions. Whether your field is wet or dry, this cart reduces field compaction and beet damage to maximize your harvesting efficiency.

The 35-ton capacity of the beet cart will quickly and efficiently build a clamp or fill a truck.

The Amity beet cart tracks have a 79-83% ground pressure reduction vs. tires.

The optional wireless scale will ensure your trucks leave full, not overweight.

Unloading Speed
6 to 30 tons/minute
Capacity 35 tons
Power Required (PTO) 300 hp
Maximum Transport Speed 15 mph
Track Measurements 3’ x 11’ 4”
Hydraulic Remotes 4
Hydraulic Capacity 45 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure 2,700 psi
Field Position
Length 35’
Width 11’ 6”
Height 19’
Transport Position
Width 11’ 6”
Height 12’
Discharge left or right