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Sugar Beet Cart

The Amity Sugar Beet Cart is the field-proven solution for efficient transport in all field conditions. During the fast pace of sugar beet harvest, efficiency is a key to success. The high-capacity tank and unloading elevator of the Amity Sugar Beet Cart are fast enough to keep harvesters moving in the field and trucks out of the field and rolling on the road.


Capable of unloading up to 30 tons per minute, the Amity Sugar Beet Cart quickly turns trucks and gets them back on the road, no matter the field conditions.

Light Footprint

Whether your field is wet or dry, this cart reduces field compaction and beet damage to maximize your harvesting efficiency. In fact, the use of 36-by-136-inch tracks, has reduced ground pressure 79-83% versus tires. This light footprint allows the sugar beet cart to work in wet and dry conditions when other carts or trucks simply cannot.

Sugar Beet Cart Features
36” x 136” Tracks

The Amity Sugar Beet Cart features industry-leading Camso tracks, rated for speed up to 20 miles per hour (32 kph). The 36-by-136-inch tracks minimize compaction and are much better suited for use in wet conditions than competitive carts with tires.


On-board scale

An optional wireless scale ensures trucks leave full, not overweight.


Left or right discharge

Customers can order the Amity Sugar Beet Cart with either left- or right-hand dump. Plus, the unloading elevator has the flexibility to build a clamp or fill a truck without changeover.


Narrow Transport

The unloading elevator folds inside the cart for narrower transport..


Work lights

Work lights provide excellent visibility in times of low natural light. During overnight shifts, everyone will be able to see better.

Unloading Speed
6 to 30 tons/minute
Capacity 35 tons
Power Required (PTO) 300 hp
Maximum Transport Speed 15 mph
Track Measurements 3’ x 11’ 4”
Hydraulic Remotes 4
Hydraulic Capacity 45 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure 2,700 psi
Field Position
Length 35’
Width 11’ 6”
Height 19’
Transport Position
Width 11’ 6”
Height 12’
Discharge left or right