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AquaSpy Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil Moisture Monitoring with AquaSpy

All crops depend on water. Between varying soil types and topography, putting water where it’s needed is an ongoing challenge. Knowing when, and how much water crops need can be more art than science.

Soil Moisture Monitoring by AquaSpy has a unique sensor system. Together with smart information technology, AquaSpy helps save water, reduce nitrogen leaching, maximize crop yield, while reducing pumping and fertilizer costs. This means increased profits for your business. AquaSpy helps to:

  1. Optimize crop health
  2. Reduce input costs
  3. Increase yields
  4. Increase profitability

AquaSpy Probe Technical Description

Irrigation Decisions Made Easy
  • Detect moisture levels in the soil sooner
  • Reduce water usage by 10%
  • Improve root activity
  • Detect active root zone (ARZ) for better plant management
  • Eliminate leaching
  • Reduce pumping and fertilizer costs
  • Increase yields by 10-40%
  • Make real-time irrigation decisions
  • Do it all for less than $5/acre annually
  • Track crop behavior of both water and nutrients through a 48″ profile
  • 12 sensors in each 48″ probe measure moisture, electrical conductivity (EC), and temperature
  • Sensor readings provide a soil moisture profile of the plant
  • Irrigation templates provide a visual indication of overall irrigation demand
  • Remotely monitor data via a web-based interface
  • Easy-to-use and fully automated
  • Cloud-based – no software installation required, automatic updates
  • Precision technology with tough, compact and expandable implements – all supported by Amity Technology
Integrated View of Your Moisture

Get the most out of AquaSpay by integrating it with the FarmQA Controller. The combination of the soil moisture data from AquaSpy with daily weather data from your fields including air temperature, precipitation, humidity, and wind speed. You can monitor weather conditions to prevent pest and disease outbreaks, monitor soil and plant humidity to ensure proper irrigation, and improve overall water management and moisture control. With FarmQA Controller you can analyze, adjust, and manage your operation more effectively and get even more value from the AquaSpy probes.

AquaSpy EC Data Interpretation

The AquaSpy soil moisture probe can detect soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity (EC) independently at every 4-inch sensor along the length of the probe. EC data is often overlooked but can provide useful information such as when a leaching event occurred and how deep leaching nutrients moved.

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AquaSpy Full and Empty Point

The AquaSpy soil moisture probe is an effective sensor for reading soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity (EC). An audio signal is sent out from the probe. The speed and attenuation of the signal upon return is used to provide usable data. An algorithm is then used to calculate the full and refill points displayed within AquaSpy.

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FARMQA is a sister-company to Amity Technology that utilizes a cloud-based platform, FARMQA CONTROLLER, to offer data management from precision agriculture solutions. Some Amity Technology products such as the Compaction Testing System and AquaSpy rely on this platform to utilize their data.