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2500 Harvester

Amity 2500 Scrub & Wheel Harvesters

The 2500 sugar beet harvester from Amity Technology comes in a scrub tower design to efficiently harvest your sugar beets. The 2500 can be configured to six or eight rows. The lifting strut is the cornerstone of all Amity harvesters. Engineered to lift whole beets, Amity lifting struts are adjustable to minimize unwanted mud or utilize lighter soils to ensure the root enters the harvester. With efficiency in mind, you can adjust the rest of the harvester to clean as required. Scrub tower models are an excellent choice for heavier soils that stick.

Active Depth Control

Active Depth Control (ADC) on Amity harvesters is a major advancement in efficiency and profitability for your operation. As harvester widths increase, the need for leveling the harvester has become a key component in reducing tare and maximizing root yield.

During normal operation, harvester weight dynamics are constantly changing. As the tank and boom fill and empty and as field conditions go from wet to dry, ADC continuously monitors the digging depth and make adjustments with the hitch and rear cylinders across the machine.

From the monitor in the tractor, the operator sets digging parameters on the circuit board. the sensors, or wands, advise the circuit board of the digging depth. The circuit board then instructs the valve block to make adjustments to the hitch and axle cylinders.

*ADC cannot be used with steerable struts
** Restrictions may apply. Consult with your dealer.

Features on 2500
Carrying Strut Options

Amity harvesters are available with three different rear-carrying struts, including:

  • 11.2 x 24
  • 23.5/55 x 26
  • 11.2 x 24 steering*
    *cannot be used with ADC
Shields with Gas Shocks

Shields with gas shocks provide easy access to working components.

Harvester Features
Apron Chain

Amity harvesters utilize an apron chain between the lifter wheels and the grabrolls, transferring the crop through the harvester and removing a majority of the dirt.


Row Finder

The Amity row finder is a simple, effective tool to keep your harvester on the row. The row finder also has a backup feature that allows you to backup without lifting the machine or damaging the row finder.



Grabrolls on Amity Technology harvesters are designed to remove any remaining dirt or trash from the sugar beets before they are elevated into the tank. Grabrolls can easily be adjusted to be more or less aggressive, depending on field conditions.



Amity paddles effectively move the sugar beets from the lifter wheels into the harvester.


Pinch Point Adjustment

Easy pinch point adjustments on Amity harvesters help you pull more taproot in dry conditions and less mud in wet conditions.


PTO Hanger

An optional PTO hanger keeps PTO shaft off the ground and clean.

2500 Harvester
2500 Scrub
Number of Rows6 to 8
Row Spacing20-30”
(45-76.2 cm)
Total Weight22,500 lbs
(10.2 MT)
Vertical Load7,500 lbs
(3.4 MT)
Length20’ 6”
(6.2 m)
Transport Width
(with boom down)19’ 6”
(5.9 m)
Operating Width
(with boom up)25’
(7.6 m)
Height13’ 10″
(4.2 m)
Tank Capacity 3.5 tons
(3.2 MT)
Tractor Requirements (minimum):
Power (PTO)200 hp
(149.1 kW)
PTO Speed1,000 rpm
Capacity30 gpm
(113.6 lpm)
Pressure2,700 psi
(18615.8 kPa)