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Soil Compaction Testing

Soil Compaction Testing

Ensure your crops have room to grow with the Amity Technology soil compaction testing unit. Soil compaction prevents vital nutrients and elements from getting to the plant roots. Losses of Nitrogen to groundwater and the atmosphere is also greater in compacted soil. The Amity Technology CTS-1000 soil compactor measures soil compaction efficiently and easily in all your fields so that you can determine the best plan of action for optimal yields.

Combine soil compaction testing with soil sampling for the most complete view of your soil makeup.

  1. Accurately measure compaction at depth
  2. Compaction mapping and analysis
  3. Mobile application from FarmQA captures location and compaction information

CTS-1000 Soil Penetrometer

As agricultural machinery has increased in both size and number, there has also been an increase in soil compaction. Rather than guessing at the amount and location of soil compaction, which can either lead to yield loss up to 30% or additional fuel costs, Amity Technology brings you a reliable way to determine soil compaction – the CTS-1000 Soil Penetrometer.

Ideal Soil

The ideal soil is composed of soil particles (sand, silt, and clay), water, air, and organic material. The air can be squeezed from the soil by the weight of machinery, causing compaction by changing the bulk density of the soil

Plant roots are sensitive to changes in bulk entity, causing roots to spread laterally. This lateral spread uses less soil volume to feed the plant causing limited yield.

Compaction Profile

The Amity Technology soil penetrometer is engineered to measure both heavily compacted soils as well as the change in density layers.

The compaction testing system from Amity Technology provides an integrated solution, helping to increase yield and reduce costs.


The CTS-1000 is engineered to withstand field operations. Soil scientists require a cone penetrometer to be pushed through the soil at a consistent rate. With a hand sampler, it is hard to maintain consistency over dozens of samples. Because the CTS-1000 is electrically driven, it produces a constant stroke every cycle no matter what the soil conditions. This ensures accurate compaction readings every time.

*Note: the FarmQA Controller software is required for the use of the CTS-1000.

FARMQA is a sister-company to Amity Technology that utilizes a cloud-based platform, FARMQA CONTROLLER, to offer data management from precision agriculture solutions. Some Amity Technology products such as the Compaction Testing System and AquaSpy rely on this platform to utilize their data.