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50 Series Sugar Beet Defoliators

50 Series Defoliators

Amity 50 Series defoliators work up to 30 percent faster than their predecessor to match harvester speed. Engineered to stay ahead of the harvester, you won’t have to defoliate acres ahead – taking advantage of the natural insulation provided by the crop canopy – delivering a high-quality product at a reduced cost.

The Heart of the Machine

The heart of the 50 Series defoliators is the Amity shrouded, combination steel front drum. It removes and finely sizes the foliage and distributes it evenly between the rows. Combined with a 10-pin second drum and a height-adjustable third drum, 50 Series defoliators give you the ability to match your harvesting speed and increase quality.

Active Height Control

Active Height Control (AHC) on Amity defoliators is a major advancement in taming the ever-changing field dynamics you and your team run in to every day during harvest. Finding experienced labor during sugar beet harvest is challenging. With AHC, much of the need for an experienced operator is alleviated by sensors on the scalper bars.

During operation there are a number of changing dynamics for ground level and sugar beet height – uneven beets, sprayer tracks, and mud building up on the tires. Amity’s AHC system is constantly monitoring the beet height in comparison to the ground level and making adjustments on the height of the defoliator, up and down, as well as side to side. AHC gives you full defoliation with less damage to your sugar beet crop.

50 Series Defoliator Features

Three-drum Amity defoliators are available with a variety of flail configurations to match your operation.


Hydraulic doors

Hydraulic front and rear doors are standard on 50 Series. Optional hydraulic doors are available on 00 Series.


Gearbox Drive

Another Amity Technology exclusive is the all gearbox drive on all defoliator models. Engineered to the power required, these boxes efficiently transfer low-maintenance power. No belts here!

Row Finder

The optional row finder mounts either on the frame or the scalper bar and will please the harvester operator by keeping the removed foliage between the rows.


Stabilizer wheels

Optional stabilizer wheels for narrow stance rear strut assembly.


PTO Hanger

An optional PTO hanger keeps PTO shaft off the ground and clean.

Bright Lights for Better Visibility

Bright LED lights on 50 Series defoliators provide high visibility from the tractor or the ground.

Rear Struts

Amity defoliators are available with a number of rear strut options, like steerable or non-steerable, cylinders for ease of height adjustment, and offset to defend against pivot tracks.

  • 7.6 x 15 with 22-inch spacing
  • 11.2 x 24 with 22-inch spacing
  • 11.2 x 24 with 30-inch spacing
  • 11.2 x 24 with 44-inch spacing
Flail Options

Amity Technology offers many flail options, including L-knife, cup knife, tapered rubber, and Amity’s exclusive split flail and patented studded flail.

 50 Series Defoliators
Number of Rows8 to 126 to 86
Row Spacing20-30″20-30″20-24″
Total Weight15,200 lbs13,200 lbs11,500 lbs
Hitch Weight6,050 lbs5,000 lbs4,400 lbs
Length w/o scalpers19′ 6″19′ 6″19′ 6″
Width23′ 11″16′ 0″13′ 4″
Height7′ 0″7′ 0″7′ 0″
Working Speed3-6 mph3-6 mph3-6 mph
Maximum Road
Travel Speed25 mph25 mph25 mph
Tractor Requirements (minimum):
Recommended Power (PTO)215 hp160 hp130 hp
PTO Speed1,000 rpm1,000 rpm1,000 rpm
Vertical Load6,000 lbs5,000 lbs5,000 lbs
Hydraulic Capacity30 gpm30 gpm30 gpm
Hydraulic Pressure2,700 psi2,700 psi2,700 psi