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The Amity Technology Story

Amity Technology is, in a sense, a fourth generation company. It follows in the proud tradition of a family that has been involved in the manufacturing business in North Dakota for more than 50 years. Howard and Brian Dahl, the founders of Amity are grandsons of E. G. Melroe, the founder of the Melroe Company which developed the Bobcat Loader. After the company was sold in 1970, Eugene Dahl and his brother-in-law, Les Melroe, bought control of Steiger Tractor. It became the leading manufacturer of 4 wheel drive tractors in the world, and was sold to Case Corporation in 1986. Howard and Brian Dahl incorporated Concord, Inc., which became the leading manufacturer in the United States of Air Drills, used primarily for the planting of small grains and oil seed crops on large acreage. Concord had a particularly strong market in the CIS (former Soviet Union) and sold over 500 Concord Air Drills into that marketplace. The Concord company was sold to Case Corporation in 1996.

Case did not purchase all the assets of Concord and those assets were used to launch Amity Technology. The heart of Amity Technology has been the WIC Sugar Beet Equipment line, the leader in North America in harvesting equipment for sugar beets. WIC equipment is found in a number of Eastern European countries as well. Amity Technology has had a particularly strong presence in Russia.

In 2001, Amity Technology became involved in the tillage business by purchasing, with other partners, Wil-Rich, a Wahpeton, ND-based company that had a reputation for building robust tillage tools, including field cultivators and chisel plows. The Wishek line of heavy, durable disc harrows was added to the equipment line in 2006.

In the summer of 2007, Amity Technology returned to its roots and entered the air seeding business once again through the acquisition of Fargo Products, a company that developed a very successful air double disc drill along with stainless steel air carts. With more than 30 years in the air seeding business, Amity introduced the Single Disc Drill in 2008 – the first new drill technology in 20 years.

In 2011, Amity Technology entered into a joint venture with AGCO for the development and distribution of air seeding and tillage equipment. AGCO-Amity JV, LLC, developed and distributed air seeding and tillage equipment under the Amity, Concord, Wil-Rich, and Wishek brands, as well as Challenger, Sunflower, and Massey Ferguson. This joint venture was acquired by Väderstad in 2021.

In January of 2021, Amity Technology introduced the Crop Chaser into its lineup. The Crop Chasers are a line of multi-use, high capacity, tracked dump carts. They are limited in production for the first year and will be widely available for model year 2022.

Today, the Amity equipment line includes sugar beet harvesters, defoliators, a beet cart, and the Crop Chaser carts. Over the span of these 25 years, Amity has produced more than 1300 sugar beet harvesters for the domestic market, and over 1000 sugar beet harvesters have been exported to other countries. Amity has also received numerous awards, including Fargo-Moorhead’s Business of the Year, North Dakota Exporter of the Year, and INC 500’s list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. Amity was the first North Dakota company to receive SBA’s Region 6 Exporter of the Year.

Amity Technology celebrateS 27 years in 2023.

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