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Soil Samplers standard

Automated Soil Sampling

Reduce time in the field at the end of the season with our robust soil sampling units. Auger-style probes provide a consistent sampling depth, maintained without lifting the mounted vehicle. A wide range of probes and augers are available for all your agriculture and environmental testing needs.

And because these units are built by Amity Technology, you know they are made with quality. There are 4 models to choose from.

Amity soil samplers are the most economical automated soil samplers on the market, starting at $3,250 for an in-cab model.

Download the SOIL SAMPLERS Literature
ATV Soil Sampler

ATV mounted automatic hydraulic soil samplers collect up to 20 samples at a time.

The ATV mounted 3024 samplers have a smaller, lighter platform, with a specially designed, carbide-tipped auger allows sampling of all types of soil, including frozen ground. The extremely fast cycle time of 10-22 seconds lets you collect more soil samples in less time to cover your fields faster.

  • Automated collection of up to 20 samples
  • 1×12 in. diameter auger (2012), ¾x24 in. (2024), ¾x36 in. (2036)
  • Special designed carbide tipped auger
  • Low profile
  • Push button controls with cord
  • Sample all types of soil including frozen ground
Sample Depth 0-24 in.
Hydraulic Motors 2
Power Pack 6.5 hp Honda hydraulic
Cycle Time 10-22 sec.
Approx. Weight 210 lbs.
Sample Depth 12 in. (2012), 24 in. (2024), 36 in. (2036)
In-cab Soil Sampler

For pickup mounted solutions, our in-cab hydraulic probe provides quality with unparalleled convenience.

The model 2400 in-cab automated hydraulic soil sampler, samples through frozen ground, and its fast cycle time allows for more samples in less time. You can also do everything from the cab of your truck.

  • Direct push soil sampler
  • Manual collection of soil samples
  • Quick attach probe
  • Electric over hydraulic power unit
  • Push button controls with cord
  • Dry tip and wet tip options
  • Samples in frozen ground up to 24 inches
Down Force 6,000 lbs.
Cylinder 1.75 in. bore x 30 in. stroke
Cycle Time 11-17 seconds
Approx. Weight 210 lbs.
Pickup-mounted Soil Sampler

The model 2450 pick-up mounted automated hydraulic soil sampler is engineered to automatically collect up to 25 samples

The push button controls, with a 10-foot cord, let you collect samples without having to get out of the truck cab.

  • Automated collection of up to 25 samples
  • Easily adjusts to sampling  position
  • Electric over hydraulic power unit
  • Push button remote control with cord
  • Adjustable height variations for pickup models
  • Stainless steel sampling parts
  • Optional air-blast tip cleaner and dual zone collection system
Sample Depth 0-24 in.
Down Force 3,500 lbs.
Cylinder 1.5 in.
Cycle Time 10-12 sec.
Approx. Weight 225 lbs.

Three-point Hitch-mounted Soil Sampler

When deeper samples are needed to 48″, the 2403 three-point hitch automated hydraulic soil sampler is the best option.

With three depths available, these samplers can be mounted onto any category 1 or 2 three-point hitch, using the tractor’s hydraulics for operation.

  • Mounted on any category 1 or 2 hitch
  • Fast cycle time, 12-20 seconds
  • Sample depth of 0 to 48 inches
  • Utilizes the hydraulics from the tractor
Sample Depth 0-48 in.
Hydraulic Motors 0
Sample Time 12-20 sec. (depending on tractor)
Approx. Weight 185 lbs.
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